Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review: No Throw

Taken from No Throw's website:
Our bottle tether is for 3 months plus. We have designed the No Throw tether to strap around and fit tightly onto children's baby
bottles and sippy cups. The No Throw's leash styled handle
can strap or be slipped over the seat belt that are attached
to your child's car seat, stroller, bike seat, high chair,
baby-backpack, you name it!.

Our pacifier tether is for newborn +. We have designed
a metal clip that will secure tightly to your baby's clothing.
This way when your baby spits out their pacifier it will not fall
on the ground and get dirty or get lost ever again, it will
stay attached and is always easy to find.

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Right From The Heart:
How many moms/dads now a day get to play the lovely game of drop pick up and repeat for hours on end. Well with the No Throw you don't have to play them games no more. The No Throw hooks onto bottles, cups, and pacifier and then hook to their car seat or stroller so their cup, bottle, and pacifier will stay right with them. No Throw pacifier tether is for newborns and up. The metal clip will be secure to any baby’s clothing without risk of strangulation, making the pacifier easy to find when you baby is crying. If you have kids out of pacifier No Throw has products for sippy cups and bottles too. The bottle and sippy cups tether is for 3 months and up. The loop will fit just right around the cup or bottle. My three year old now get made because he can't make go and pick up his cup no more, I love my No Throw.


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